Leading the industry of security companies in Sacramento, Capital Security Solutions proudly provides elite armed and unarmed Sacramento security services to keep you and your business protected.

The best of California private patrol. Secure your perimeter with private security patrol vehicles that ensure privacy, safety, and peace of mind.

Be prepared for the worst case scenario with emergency security services that cover all the bases.

Stay protected with certified, trained, and vigilant unarmed and armed security guards. Choose between our many unarmed and armed security services.


Every unarmed and armed security guard is trained to remain vigilant, alert, and unwavering in the face of danger.



We offer premium firearm and guard card certification classes to aspiring guards, which make our guards some of the most dependable in the city.

Security Guard on Monitor

Every state-of-the-art surveillance camera  system is installed to ensure that you and your business remain safe. We provide a number of home surveillance cameras, wireless surveillance cameras, hidden surveillance cameras, and other various surveillance services.

We are a CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design – practitioner, deterring criminal behavior through environmental design.