Maintaining control of a public or private location can be much easier with the addition of access control. At its core an access control system allows an organization to manage, monitor and maintain who has access to specific systems or locations.

The simplest access control system you can have is a deadbolt lock with access restricted to individuals who have a key. Today modern technology gives us many additional options we can use to control access to a system or location.

Access control systems are used in various situations:

  • Restricting access to computer files, workstations or printers.
  • Restricting access to locations in a building such as conference rooms or storage.
  • Restricting access to a parking lot.

To protect computer files, workstations or printers access control systems generally restrict access to an entire computer unless the user has some form of credentials.

To restrict access inside of a building a key card access control system is generally used. This equips most doors in the building with a lock that can be opened using an assigned key card.

A guarded gate is another access control system through which visitors must pass before entering. The secured gate will discourage, detect, and detain potential violators.

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