Capital Security Solutions offers both armed and unarmed security guard services to clients in the greater Sacramento area. All of our officers are carefully recruited to provide both professional and reliable service. Each individual is registered, certified, and licensed in the state of California. We abide by all regulations enforced by the California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services. Each member of the Capital Security Solutions team goes through a background check process before serving any clients.

The duties of our security guards typically include:

  • Protecting the personnel, guests and visitors of a property
  • Conducting patrol tours of a location
  • Providing assistance to the public wherever necessary
  • Maintaining reports and logs
  • Enforcing parking or sign regulations

The Capital Security team is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks in addition to monitoring and protection. Our patrol officers can also inspect buildings, direct traffic and even coordinate on-site medical attention.

Many locations such as schools and other public sectors do not need armed guards. However, monitoring these locations can be just as important as acts such as vandalism, theft, loitering or trespassing can discomfort and deter guests from returning. On onsite security guards can help to deter these actions and significantly reduce liability. Businesses that can benefit from an onsite security guard include department stores, sports venues, construction sites, schools and public locations. In general, it is more common for businesses to have unarmed guards than armed ones.

Whether an armed or unarmed security guard is appropriate for your location depends on different factors. People generally see an unarmed security guard as friendlier and more approachable. If the location is low-risk such as a certains retail store or residential buildings an unarmed security guard may be more appropriate. These guards do not carry firearms but are still capable of enforcing the laws and regulations of a specific area.

For many locations, an armed security guard is necessary. Depending on the location the security guard may carry: a baton, stun gun or taser, pepper spray and in certain situations a handgun. Businesses or properties that are common targets of violence or theft can benefit from the addition of armed security. Armed guards are also useful in neighborhoods where theft and burglary are common problems. Some examples of businesses that commonly hire armed security services include: jewelry stores, rare antique shops, high-end art galleries, and financial institutions.

Sacramento Armed & Unarmed Security Services

To determine the right solutions for your security needs we suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our security professionals. We will work with you one on one to identify your needs and recommend the best security solution.