Any planning for a medium to large sized event should include crowd control management. Research shows that various types of incidents can occur when crowds are not properly managed. These range from damage of structures to physical injuries. In addition, if individuals are not able to easily navigate the venue your odds of a successful event are much lower.

The first step in planning for crowd control is determining how many people will be attending and roughly how many personnel will be needed to manage the crowds. If it is the first time for an event reaching out to similar events or contacting an security company is recommended. This will help you better understand what to expect and how to plan for it.

Some things to consider when implementing crowd control:

  • What are the points of entry and how long does entry take
  • Is there adequate square footage and adequate maneuverability
  • Are the restrooms clearly marked and easily accessible

If you host events regularly it is best practice to document the event and also request feedback from attendees. This can be done in a larger survey that is sent to individuals after the event and will lead to improved future events.

To determine the right solutions for your security needs we suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our security professionals. We will work with you one on one to identify your needs and recommend the best security solution.