For many locations, perimeter security offers a more comprehensive form of protection. This can include patrolling fences or walls or simply making rounds on the property line of a location. There are various factors to consider when implementing some form of perimeter security:

  • Which areas of the property receive the most traffic?
  • How long does a full patrol of the property take?
  • How many individuals are needed to patrol the property?
  • What form of petrol required/Foot Patrol/ Vehicle patrol

Other factors such as full circle frequency must be considered. This is the time it takes one patrol to make a full round of the property. Often perimeter security includes installing cameras in specific locations. Cameras can make it much easier to keep full vision of the properties boundaries and entry points at all times.

If you are supplementing your patrol services with video surveillance there are various questions you need to ask. You want to know how the camera feeds are being managed and how many cameras each security officer is operating. Asking your security company for an explanation of their track record using video surveillance is a good idea as well

In general perimeter security can help deter crime such as theft or vandalism. It also helps to improve the experience of that properties guests as individuals feel safer. Organizations that can benefit from perimeter security include:

  • Commercial Retail Centers
  • Private and Public Schools
  • Construction Sites
  • Gated Communities

To determine the right solutions for your security needs we suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our security professionals. We will work with you one on one to identify your needs and recommend the best security solution.